A group of artists have been working on a mural celebrating Croydon’s characters to adorn the walls of the back entrance to the Whitgift Centre.

The nine panels, featuring some of the borough’s local heroes, is set to be unveiled on January 31 at noon.

Jeanne-Marie Eayrs and Susan Beresford, from Under Croydon, have spent weeks painting the characters.

The panels depict representatives from the Croydon Male Voice choir, Wheels for Wellbeing, Northwood Morris Dancers, Croydon Harriers, children representing the future of the borough, the Mela and Rosanna Lovett from Surrey Street market.

Miss Eayrs said: “We want to show people that Croydon is wonderful.

“It is often portrayed negatively but there is a lot of great things going on.

“We are working in partnership with MIND, they have gone around the different communities taking photographs of people.”