A robber was jailed after being caught slumped in a restaurant with his victims wallet still in his pocket.

Levan Page, 22 and Ian Sullivan, 20, were both convicted of robbery at Croydon Crown Court in November.

The pair attacked two men at a bus stop in Purley and then went on to a restaurant and got so drunk Sullivan fell asleep while his friends ran out on the bill.

The owners called the police and when they arrived they searched Sullivan and found a wallet belonging to one of the men who had been robbed.

In September the robbers asked one of the men for money at a bus stop in Purley and when he refused they attacked him.

When his friend came to his aid, they attacked him too, robbed them both and then fled.

Police searched the area for the two men but they couldn't find them.

Paramedics arrived and took the two men to hospital and found one to be suffering from a broken jaw and a broken cheek bone.

Later that night officers were called to the Le Cassoulet restaurant in Selsdon Road to reports of a group of men running out on their bill.

One of the group, who turned out to be Sullivan, was found slumped in his chair drunk.

Page and Sullivan both pleaded guilty to robbery and were jailed for a total of five years.

Detective Constable Steve Troubridge, who investigated the case said: “Page and Sullivan committed a very serious and violent robbery and will now be in prison for a considerable length of time.

"This was a particularly traumatic experience for both victims, which left one of them facing surgery for their injuries - I only hope this sentence helps to bring them some closure on this ordeal.

“The sentences should send out a clear message to anyone thinking about committing a robbery that if and when you are caught, you can expect a long time behind bars. ”