Croydon police have released images of recovered items they believe to have been stolen, in a bid to reunite them with their owners.

The items were all recovered from an address in Stanford Road, Norbury, last October.

Officers executed a search warrant and a 51-year-old was arrested and charged with handling stolen goods to the value of £10,000.

Despite efforts to match the items to their rightful owners, several items have yet to be returned.

These include a digital camera, several comic books, various antique clocks and watches, coins and many other antique and jewellery items.

PC Jamie Woodfine from Croydon CID said: "We want to try and get these items back to their rightful owners.

"There is no doubt a great deal of sentimental value, as well as financial value attached to them, so it would be great to be able to return them."

Anyone with information regarding theses items or their owners should contact the Metropolitan Police non-emergency number on 101.