The military band who serenaded Kate and Wills on their way into Buckingham Palace have recorded an album in aid of their wounded compatriots.

Colour Sergeant of the Band of the Welsh Guards Adrian Beckett, has enlisted the support of top tenor Mark Llewellyn Owen to record CD Tell My Father, released on Sunday, in aid of wounded soldiers from the regiment.

The 2 track CD also features the voices of The Llantrisant Male Choir and Welsh actor, Richard Elfyn.

CSgt Beckett, who has lived in East Croydon for 20 years, has worked on the project from inception and hopes the album will prove a hit.

He said: "Everyone involved has given their time for free, so everything we make will be profit towards the appeal. The military is very supportive of soldiers who come back injured but once you become part of The Welsh Guards you are part of a family, you join, your husband joins, your father joins. This allows us to support everyone affected."

The Band of The Welsh Guards performs at major Royal ceremonies, including the Royal Wedding last April, and they are preparing for the Diamond Jubilee.

He said: "We only had three weeks to record the whole thing, after deciding to take on the challenge in November last year.

The band has recorded 5,000 copies, and is promoting the CD with a three concert tour of Wales beginning on Wednesday.

CSgt Beckett, who has played the trumpet since age six, but is also an accomplished pianist and violinist, explained every member is also an active soldier, and he has served in Northern Ireland and the Balkans.

Moving to London from Wales shortly after he signed up, CSgt Beckett has been actively involved in music in Croydon, working behind the scenes at productions at Fairfield Halls for ten years, including the past eight pantomimes.

Tell My Father is available on Amazon.