A man frustrated by unemployment has decided to create his own graphic novel.

Errol Martin has been out of work of more than a year but wanted to try and take positive action.

And his quest for activity prompted the 47-year-old to write a graphic novel about a dystopian future beset by zombies.

Beautiful Happiness focuses on a group of survivors 20 years from now who are holed up in Battersea power station trying to stay alive and find resources.

Outside of their camp are hordes of zombies wandering the streets looking for humans to devour.

Mr Martin said: “I was applying for jobs every day but not getting anywhere.

“I started writing a normal book but it really came alive with graphics. It takes on a whole new dimension.”

Mr Martin said he was inspired by his love of zombie movies.

He said: “I love zombies and have always liked that 'end-of-the-world' scenario.

“So I just started with that idea and decided to keep extending it.

“Ideally, I wanted it to be a movie but that was too ambitious, so I started with a graphic novel.”

The former courier found freelance artist Stuart Brown, who sent him through some rough sketches of what the comic might look like.

Mr Martin said: “As soon as I saw his work I thought 'this is something I have to pursue'.

“The sketches he has done are very impressive.”

The Croydon resident has approached several publishing houses who have expressed an interest.

But he has been told to produce the finished copy – something which he cannot afford.

He is looking for backers to invest in the graphic novel.

He said: “I am just approaching anyone for funding so I can get it finished.

“I am sure once I put it together a literary agency will publish it.”