A Jack Russell is believed to have been trapped underground for four days after becoming stuck in a badger sett.

The dog named Buster, is believed to have entered the sett last week and was stuck in underground for about 50 hours, before firefighters were called to the scene.

A crew from Purley and a fire rescue unit from Croydon fire stations were called to the back of a property in Meadway, Shirley, at about 1.15pm,on Friday afternoon.

Buster's owner and representatives from the Badger Association were down at the scene.

One firefighter from Purley, said: "We put a camera and listening devices down the hole but we couldn't see or hear anything.

"We spent three hours down there but there is not much more we can do. We are hoping the dog will slim down, be able to turn around and find his way back out."

Wildlife laws often prevent firefighters from digging trapped animals out of badger sett's.

A spokesman from Croydon fire and rescue unit added: "These tunnels go on for quite a few metres so unless they locate the dog it is unlikely we will be called there again.

"We deal with a lot of animals who become stuck in places, but this is the first time I dealt with a dog stuck down a badger sett."

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