An Olympic torch bearer said it was one of the proudest moments of his life when he carried the torch last week.

Gaurav Brahmbhatt, 31, of Mitcham Road, carried the Olympic flame for 100 metres through the streets of Morecombe on June 22.

Mr Brahmbhatt, who works for Bestway Wholesale, got the opportunity after submitting a nomination form to Coca-Cola highlighting why he should get the chance to do it.

The 31-year-old pointed to his work for a charity in India which gives financial help to poor newly married couples.

Mr Brahmbhatt, who is married and has one daughter with another child on the way, said: “It was really enjoyable. It was a lifetime opportunity as the last Olympic games here was 1948.

“There were loads of people there cheering, even though it was raining.

“The torch wasn’t even that heavy and luckily the rain didn’t put it out.”

The Olympic torch comes to Croydon on 23 July.