It took 17 members of emergency services staff to carry a 40-stone woman from her home this morning.

The woman, suffering breathing difficulties, had to be lifted from the property in Wisborough Road, Selsdon.

One fire engine and one rescue unit from Croydon fire station were called to the scene by London Ambulance at 5.45am.

The crew supplied a basket stretcher, which was used to move the lady into the ambulance.

One firefighter said: "We formed a plan and we did think about taking out a window to get her out.

"But we used a basket stretcher and between the ambulance and ourselves we got her on the stretcher and on to the trolley.

"She was taken in a special bariatric ambulance which we had to order and wait for.

"It wasn't a tricky job but it was delicate, we are finding we are getting more of these calls."

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