Primary school pupils will be wielding the latest in computer technology every day after receiving £30,000 from a housing developer.

Heavers Farm Primary School, South Norwood, has bought 60 iPads as well as new computers, for use in lessons ranging from simple literacy at reception level to languages, maths and science lessons in Years five and six.

The money, handed over on Friday, comes as part of an agreement that Fairview New Homes could build a 90 homes estate next door to the Dinsdale Gardens school.

Cleo Douglas, marketing and admissions officer, said: "As far as we were aware we were the first state school in Croydon to use iPads, and now we have been given the money we can buy more over summer so every class can have access to them."

Susan Papas, Hhadteacher at Heavers Farm, added: "It will allow whole classes to work with iPads at the same time and benefit from the increasing number of educational resources that can now be accessed with this latest technology.

"It also makes learning great fun, which is a central ethos of our school."