Firefighters have reminded people to extinguish barbecues properly after a disposable barbecue sparked a fire in south Croydon.

Two machines from New Addington fire station were called to a property in Ravenshead Close, Selsdon at 10.48pm last night.

The occupiers had finished using a disposal barbecue and returned inside the property, leaving it to cool down.

But the barbecue burnt through the plastic tray it was on, spreading to some tyres and rubbish accumulated nearby.

The flames burnt the garden fence and spread to the garage adjoined to the side of the house.

No-one was hurt in the incident and the crews left the property shortly after midnight.

Watch Manager Webber said: "There was quite considerable damage to the back of the garage.

"Please remember to put out your barbecue completely before you leave it unattended.

"Make sure it is placed on a non-conducting tray and is extinguished properly as they get very hot underneath.

"Remember to check it for a few hours after you have put it out."