Croydon Council was given more than £25 million in the aftermath of the riots - how is it to be spent?

£7.1 on High Street Regeneration, including London Road, North End, High Street, South End, Church Street, Surrey Street, Reeves Corner and George Street.

£5m on developing Wellesley Road. £4.9m on West Croydon Gateway development.

£1m on New Addington. Work on Centrale parade and market square area.

£5m on Business Support - Working with businesses and young people in the north of the borough.

£1.3m Business rate relief, grants to help with the clear up publicity work events around the area and CCTV replacement work.

£1m to go to London Road and Broad Green from the Big Local Trust Programme.

£600,000 split between seven wards over four years as part of the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund.

£100,000 from the Mary Portas scheme to help the Old Town and Surrey Street development.