Mourners wept during a moving funeral service to an aspiring rapstar shot in the head while parked outside his home.

More than 100 friends and family turned out to pay their respects to 25-year-old Umar Tufail, a former Croydon College music pupil murdered on Wharncliffe Road on July 15.

His father Saj led the prayers at a service held on Friday which included Umar’s rap singles Let Me Know and Think Back and Remember.

Speaking between sobs, Mr Tufail gave thanks for a son he was proud to call his own.

He said: "It is heartbreaking and words cannot express the pain and sadness we all feel at this moment in time. My heart is broken and I feel empty inside because my 1st love, my dearest son Umar has gone to be with the angels above.

"Umar has gone to a higher place, he was called by God because of his gentleness and kindness but we all miss him dearly and are all heartbroken."

Assisted by family as he tried to cope with the emotion of the occasion, Mr Tufail finished his speech with a wish god had taken his life instead.

He said: "Oh God if you’re all so mighty please turn back the time and let me hug my son for one last time, so that I can tell him that I loved him from the beginning until the end of his time

"Oh God if you’re all so mighty please turn back the time and save my sons life and instead take mine

"Oh God if you’re all so mighty please turn back the time and give me my son back & I will ask for no more...Give me my son back because he was mine."

Reverend Peter King, who presided over the ceremony read poem He is Gone by David Harkins, and mother Francesca Thompson, joined by sisterMonique, spoke together of their love for Umar.

Monique said: "Words cannot explain the love I had for my brother. I only had him for a few years but it felt like I knew him for 100. Now I know he is gone to a better place, rest in paradise."

Umar, who was working with Tesco as he tried to launch his music career, performed under the Humuh Humz.

The cheeky lyrics of his Think Back and Remember brought smiles through the tears of friends gathered before the service concluded with Puffy Daddy’s I’ll Be Missing You.

Teenagers Kyrone Daley and Sanchez Thomas have been charged with Umar’s murder and are next due in court in November.