London’s largest ever free festival is inviting Croydon to the party.

SHOWTIME, which has been organised to run alongside the London Olympic and Paralympic Games will be in the borough on Thursday, one of the final days of seven weeks of celebration.

Supported by the Mayor of London and Arts Council England, activities around London have included street performing, mobile playgrounds springing up in parklands across the capital, circuses and carnival.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “A joyous mixture of music, comedy, dance, and the downright surprising and unusual, there will be something for everyone. Showtime is sure to spark the imagination of everyone who attends, and surely ignite a renewed passion for the outdoor arts.”

In Croydon Queen’s Gardens will host nine hours of fun, kicking off at midday.

Acts include the cartoon-like Brimbirons, street clowns Chez Leandre, circus acts Circumloqui and Lords of Lightening two gladiators who wrestle four million volts of raw power.

For a full list of what is on offer this summer please visit the Mayor of London Presents website at