A teenager yet to complete his GCSEs has heard his own composition played live on national radio by an internationally acclaimed orchestra.

Freddie Meyers was named BBC Young Composer of the year earlier this summer after his piece, Three Apparitions, was selected by a panel of experts.

15-year-old Freddie, a pupil at Trinity School, Croydon, not only took the prized title, but won the chance to see his two and a half minute long piece performed by the Aurora orchestra at the Royal College of Music, London, and then hear it on Radio Three on August 16.

He said: "It is the greatest thing as a composer to actually hear your work being played. Really amazing."

Accomplished in three instruments, Freddie composed Three Apparitions for a complete orchestra, and yet said it took little over a week to produce.

He said: "I would just go into my room and work on it day and night until it was done."

Music is in the Meyer blood, with dad Andrew head of music at Homefield in Sutton and his mum Maria head of music at Finton school in Wandsworth.

Freddie said: "Music has just always been around me. I took up the recorder at five, the piano at six and the trumpet at eight."

His victory has earned Freddie the chance to work with some of the country’s top musicians at the Royal College of Music and also a commission to compose a second piece for spring next year.

Before that though Freddie has had to be hard at work creating a piece for his school after Trinity decided to buy 15 top of the range pianos ahead of the new school year.

In honour of this moment, the Morden-based pupil was asked to create a score of music for all 15 instruments, all playing at once.

He said: "It is quite a challenge. I spent about three weeks thinking about what I could try and what would work. I went on holiday with my parents to Berlin and had the chance to run some ideas past them two.

The result, named Prelude 3x5 will be played at the school after the 15 Steinway pianos are delivered on Friday, before they are dispatched around the school campus