A club shut down after becoming a haunt for violent gangsters could re-open.

The Club, on London Road, was shut in 2010 by Croydon Council after police informed them the venue had become the centre of a drug dealing ring run by gang Don’t Say Nothing.

Police were called to the nightclub 18 times in just eight months prior to its closure, with more than 30 officers required to break up a huge armed brawl in August of that year.

Fights involving up to 20 people, shots being fired outside and brawls with metal poles all took place in the run-up to its closure. Since then 10 one-off events have been held at the site, all passing without incident.

Tomorrow Croydon licensing committee will be presented with plans to open the venue permanently as an over 25s nightclub called TABU Lounge, to be open until midnight Tuesday to Thursday and 4am on weekends.

Chantel Palmer, who submitted the application, has working in night clubs and the music industry for more than 20 years.

Defending the decision to use the historically dangerous site she said: "We believe we are now in a position to confirm that all the previous issues and concerns the Metropolitan Police and council licensing officers have had regarding this premises, and all their recommendations, have been addressed."

Responding to the application, the police have demanded stringent safety checks, with at least four bouncers working at all times, comprehensive CCTV systems and the venue is kept to a 270 person capacity.