A Croydon man is one of three men charged with murder after being arrested at Anfield stadium during Liverpool and Arsenal's Premier League match.

Michael Samuels from St James's Road, Croydon, Joseph Walker of Tintail Way, Middlesex, and Mark McEwen of Angel Park Gardens, Brixton, are accused of killing Stuart Smith, who died following an assault in Liverpool city centre on Sunday morning.

Mr Smith, 33, who is also from London, was found on Back Colquitt Street at about 2.45am, before dying in hospital.

A post-mortem examination of his body is expected to be carried out later.

Mr Samuels, 39, Mr Walker, 27 and Mr McEwen, 39, are due to appear before Liverpool magistrates later today.

Merseyside Police confirmed a fourth man, aged 33, has been released without charge.