A football fanatic’s new mobile phone app has taken the world by storm after it was downloaded in more than 70 countries.

Lloyd Skull, 32, of Warlingham, is hoping football banter in amateur teams around the globe will be taken to a whole new level by his creation, My Game Stats.

The app collates stats including goals scored, assists, goals conceded, minutes played, bookings and penalty saves for goalkeepers amongst others.

Players input their data after each game and can keep track of their progress during the season.

It reached number four in the ‘What’s Hot’ Sport section of the ITunes app store and has been downloaded in Australia, Brazil and the USA.

He said he has had a positive response to the app and is hoping its popularity will rise further once all the amateur leagues kick off their seasons.

Mr Skull, who is a director of a design and print company, said: "It has gone great so far. The app hasn’t been out for long and already we have had more than a thousand downloads.

"There is always banter between players about who scores the most, who is the most valuable player to the team, who has the most assists, so I just had the idea to create this app so players know what they have done.

James Scott, 24, from Selsdon, who runs the Selsdon little league and an 11-a-side team in Whyteleafe, said he is looking forward to using the app.

He said: "I have been using it pre-season for my 11-a-side team and it has gone down really well. It has helped us know where to improve our game and that is great.

"It is unique. I have downloaded apps like this before but they haven’t gone into as much depth as this one.

"It is like getting the stats you see on TV when they analyse a football game. It will be really useful throughout the season.

"After the game we always go and have a beer and chat about the game so I suppose now we will have even more to talk about."

Mr Skull has made three versions of the app, including a free version.

They can all be downloaded from the ITunes App store.

More info can be found at mygamestatsapp.com.