A teenager was stabbed after tensions arose between groups at a birthday party, a court heard today.

Kelvin Chibueze, 17, attended the private party at the Arteflex Club in Ilford, on August 14 into August 15 last year.

The court heard Mr Chibueze, who lived in New Addington, arrived at the party at about 2am with six friends.

Richard Whittam QC prosecuting, described the atmosphere in the club as tense.

He said: "Kelvin Chibueze's group was in the main room of the club. The atmosphere was tense with people looking at or eyeballing one another.

"The group went into the rear garden to smoke a couple of times, whenever they returned the atmosphere became tenser and more strained."

The court was told a fight started after Mr Chibueze's group blocked the area between the club's entrance and the entrance to the main room.

Mr Whittam said: "There was a confrontation and knives were brandished.

"Others in the club became aware of the disturbance. Nichole Newley who was working on the bar said she saw people pushing backwards and surging towards the bar.

"She then saw a number of boys picking up champagne and Hennessy brandy bottles from the bar and running out the club."

The court heard as people ran away from the club, Marlon Moseley a friend of Mr Chibueze, saw the teenager had blood on the left side of his body.

Other people in the group were telling Mr Chibueze he had been stabbed.

As the group moved away Mr Chibueze was heard to say "I can't breathe, I can't breathe" and was clutching his chest.

Jurors were told it was not known whether the teenager was fatally stabbed in the club or as he left it.

Lerone Boye, 26, Ibrahim Zakari, 20, Roger Damali, 31, Kongola Kongola, 30, Diphy Menga, 24, Joel Asare-Minta, 22, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named are all charged with murder and violent disorder.

Dale Williams, 20, is charged with murder.

The trial continues.