A teenager who collapsed after being stabbed at a party underwent open heart surgery at the side of the road to try to save him.

Kelvin Chibueze, from Croydon, was fatally stabbed after a fight broke out at the party in the Arteflex Club in Ilford, on August 14 into August 15 last year.

The 17-year-old collapsed in a car park just off Ilford High Street.

Richard Whittam QC, prosecuting, said when police arrived they saw a group of between eight and 10 males standing around a person on the ground.

He said: "The group of males standing around Kelvin Chibueze were in a distressed state. A large amount of blood was around Kelvin Chibueze's head and arm area and he was bleeding from the mouth."

The court heard Mr Chibueze also had a stab wound in the left armpit area, a defensive injury and had lacerations to his chest and chin.

The teenager who lived in Underwood, New Addington, was taken off the ambulance on en-route to hospital after it was decided immediate surgery was necessary, and open-heart surgery was performed on Romford Road.

A post-mortem gave the cause of death was a single stab wound to the chest, which punctured the left lung and damaged the pulmonary arterial tree.

The pathologist said the stab wounds to Mr Chibueze's chest and forearm involved deep incision into the bone.

The Old Bailey heard three knives recovered from the scene were all found to have Kelvin's blood on the blade.

Lerone Boye, 26, Ibrahim Zakari, 20, Roger Damali, 31, Kongola Kongola, 30, Diphy Menga, 24, Joel Asare-Minta, 22, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named are all charged with murder and violent disorder.

Dale Williams, 20, is charged with murder.

Forensic analysis showed Kelvin’s blood was found on five of the defendant's clothing.

Mr Whittam told jurors: "The blood of the deceased was on the sole of Dale Williams' trainer and there was moderate blood staining on the outside front and back of the jeans Lerone Boye had been wearing.

"There was visible blood on the outside of both of Roger Damali's trainers and a small amount of blood staining to the right trainer of Kongola Kongolo.

"Diphy Menga's trousers were also found to be stained with the blood of the deceased."