A pair of heroic motorcycle salesman have fought off six armed thieves in a dramatic confrontation caught on CCTV.

Sales managers Adrian Couzens and Paul Read, were working at Ducati Croydon, St James Road at 5.30pm Tuesday September 4 when intruders tried to seize two £25,000 bikes.

CCTV footage from inside the store shows Mr Read, 36, beat back three men dressed in biking leathers and helmets, while clinging to a bike, before Mr Couzens, 29, jumps into the fray from his adjoining office.

The fight continues on the shop forecourt, but despite being threatened with metal bars, the pair see off the raiders, who flee on scooters.

Mr Couzens, who broke his wrist during the exchange, said: “My first concern wasn’t for the bikes it was for Paul. It is just reaction. I have worked in retail for years and you just react – I just wasn’t going to stand for it.”

Outnumbered three to one, things could have gone badly for the pair, before two workers from neighbouring bike store Maverick Motors weighed in, and their introduction appears enough to convince the thieves to flee.

Mr Couzens, a father of two, said: “I spoke to Nick from Maverick afterwards and he said he saw me go over and just wasn’t going to sit back. A lot of people would just ignore it so it’s great.”

The footage shows Mr Couzens push over a stationary scooter and rider twice, during which he believes he hurt his wrist.

One of the attackers then rushes at him with a metal bar, but pulls out of striking a blow.

Mr Couzens said: “I don’t doubt they were the kind of people who wouldn’t think twiuce about hitting out, but I think they were trying to push us back so they could escape.

Mr Read was then struck on the shoulder by a thrown bar, before the thieves drove away.

An ambulance was called by paramedics gave Mr Read the all clear.

The CCTV which captured the action was newly installed after the store was hit three times in the last couple of year by thieves attempting to take bikes off the forecourt.

Police have been given the CCTV footage and are investigating the incident.

Anyone with details should call Croydon police on 101.