Enthusiast Spanish students are celebrating overturning their college's decision to cancel their course.

The part-time AS students were left devastated, when Croydon College revealed they had decided not to run the A2 Spanish course, which would enable the students to gain a full A-Level in Spanish.

The group of professionals, who attended evening classes once a week while studying for the AS qualification, wrote to complain to the college to complain.

Student Scott Nicholson said: "Normally people drop off courses, but everyone has really stuck with it.

" At the end of the course we were all celebrating and were looking froward to the A2, until the tutor emailed and said the college was not running any language courses.

Mr Nicholson said: "One of the options we considered was entering the exams privately, and private tuition.

"When I was younger I would have done anything to get out of an exam, but 20 years later I was fighting to take it."

After receiving their letter, Martyn Jones head of Division for A-levels, GCSE and Visual Performing at the college said they would run the course after all.

"It is heartening to hear your and other's experience has been such a positive and rewarding one.

"I am pleased to be able to inform you we will reinstitute A2 Spanish in the evening for the coming academic year 2012/2013," he wrote.

Student Abdul Rashid, an IT professional said: "I was hugely disappointed to hear the second year of Spanish was to be cancelled, but I am now delighted to hear the College has listened to our concerns and re-instated the course."