A group of residents are up in arms after receiving fines for parking on the access to their drives, something they have been doing for up to 40 years.

Several car owners on Riddlesdown Road, in Purley, woke up on September 22 to find their cars had been ticketed.

Residents say this is the first time they have ever received a ticket for parking on the access to their drives.

The tickets were issued for parking on a footpath but residents claim they have never been informed that putting their cars there was illegal.

Richard Swiatkiewicz, 45, said the decision to give tickets out was bizarre and that parking on the road was not a good alternative.

He said: "I have been living here eight years and I have never been given a ticket.

"If I park on the road I basically block my neighbours in their drive as the road is so narrow.

"Croydon Council want us to park on the road, but the way I was parked was not blocking anybody, it was not doing any harm. I don’t see what the benefit of it is, apart from making money.

"I have basically been fined for parking in front of my house."

Pat Sellar, 83, has lived on the road for 43 years said there should have been more communication from the council. He said: "For the council to suddenly plaster a fine on your windscreen without any prior warning, it is not the way to behave is it? This is downright crass.

"If there is a change in the regulations, then tell us."

Simon Collins, 34, has lived in Riddlesdown Road for seven years and parked his car at the same spot each night.

He said: "We have never been told what we were doing was wrong. There has never been any communication from the council about it.

"I can’t understand that after years and years of living here, they have suddenly decided to give out tickets."

A council spokesman said: "It is against parking regulations to park on a footpath or verge unless there are signs and lines indicating that it is allowed."