A primary school teacher treasured by parents and pupils has been nominated for Croydon Champions teacher of the year award.

Caroline Barriball who teaches at St Peter’s Primary School in Normanton Road has been a teacher for 16 years.

The 41-year-old has been teaching year two classes at the school for five years.

Mrs Barriball was nominated after leaving a lasting impression on Bobbie Cusick, whose son Johnny was in her class last year.

They wrote on the nomination form: "Mrs Barriball knows every child so well and can tune into every one of them to bring the best out.

"She also has a number of children with learning difficulties in her class. It is amazing to see how she has managed to integrate those children into the class and made them feel accepted and valued by other children.

"She devotes the attention they need. I am proud of the way my son relates to other children, treating them as his peers despite the limitations.

"She is a star and is adored by parents and pupils equally."

With a class of 30 who have a variety of learning abilities Mrs Barriball said: "It is part of the job, I teach children from both ends of the spectrum.

"I think I am lucky to have a job that I love. Every day is different and although I am generally exhausted by the end of a school day, I look forward to coming to work."

Mrs Barriball said she was shocked a parent from her class last year had thought to nominate her.

She said: "It is always nice when someone likes what you do.

"My school is brilliant for lots of reasons, firstly the children and families make it, but as staff we work as a team and support each other.

"Our school motto is 'everybody counts' and that is so true in our school. I am really flattered to be nominated."