Compulsory recycling is a ‘no brainer’ according to Croydon Council, although you could end up in court if you don’t put your green box out.

Cabinet members are expected to approve the scheme at their meeting on 16 October for launch on 1 January 2013.

A recycling team will give advice to residents living in priority areas during the first six months of the scheme.

The main focus will be on the minority who refuse to recycle their waste and don't leave it out for collection.

An £80 fine will be considered if they still haven’t recycled after a 12-week process of reminder letters, with a reduction for early payment. Court proceedings would be a last resort.

The majority of residents who took part in the consultation agreed that the council should take action against those who don’t recycle.

Cabinet member for highways and environmental services, Councillor Phil Thomas, said: “Recycling makes huge savings for the council, and that’s money we can spend on improving services or keeping the council tax rate down.

“So we’re asking all residents to cooperate by saving the council money while also helping the environment. It’s a no brainer.”

He said: “The vast majority of households recycle, and they won’t need to change anything they do.

“We want to find out if people who aren’t recycling don’t have the required box or don’t understand what they should be doing, and we want to work with them.

“If they then don’t want to cooperate we will fine them and, where necessary, take legal action as a last resort.”

Initially, blocks of flats and flats above shops will be excluded.

Assisted collections services will continue for residents who have difficulty getting recycling boxes and landfill bins to the kerbside.

Anyone requiring recycling boxes can find online forms on the environment section of or can call the council on 020 8726 6200 and ask to speak to someone about household collections.

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