Purley residents will be able to dabble in some Italian as a new masterclass opens its doors.

Alesha’s Italian Masterclass will be open for business from next Saturday (October 20) at Napuleè restaurant in Purley. The taster session will run from 11.00am to 1.00pm.

The class, set up by ex-Old Palace Schoolgirl and Oxford Graduate, Alesha Keene, is designed to help students with their Italian language through learning about Italian food, music, politics, literature and TV programmes.

Students who register at the open morning will receive a discount on the course, with the first one starting in November.

Miss Keene said: “I lived in Rome for nearly five years and absolutely love Italy and all things Italian, especially the language and the food.

“I came up with an idea to combine them and an opportunity to do this presented itself when I want to Napuleè, a great restaurant near to where I live in Purley.

“It is owned by a charismatic Italian who serves an outstanding array of Italian treats. I am very excited to start sharing my passion for Italy with my students.”

The courses take place once a week on Wednesday mornings and run for two-month periods. To find out more go to www.italianmasterclass.co.uk.