It might have been expected to spend a penny at these public toilets - but these will still remain shut despite a £30,000 revamp.

The two toilets, on Portland Road, South Norwood, closed in 1998 because of antisocial behaviour problems, but were meant to be given a new lease of life and a grand reopening in 2010.

But it has emerged despite spending £30,450 on refurbishing the block with new toilets, sinks, urinals, hand driers and wall tiles, Croydon Council will now keep the toilets shut.

The council has said it cannot afford to fix a £100,000 problem with severe damp in both toilets.

Councillor Wayne Lawlor said the council had flushed thousands of pounds down the toilet.

He said: "I am amazed that the Council is trying to justify wasting at least £30,000 on this facility when they knew full well they could never reopen it.

"I was told by council officers the damp was known about for several years before the money was spent.

"The money could have created a local job, instead it has been flushed down the toilet."

A council spokesman said they did not know there would be water problems with the toilet blocks. He said: "The investment in returning these toilets to use was made following pressure from local people for improved facilities in the area.

"Clearly if the leaks that have now developed could have been foreseen then we would not have spent the money we did.

"We still do not know exactly where the water is coming from, but it is estimated as costing in excess of £100,000 to repair the structure of the walls.

"Given these facts, we're positive that residents will appreciate it is the right decision to keep the toilets closed."