A student was left in intensive care with a fractured skull and spine after a quad biking accident while holidaying in Greece.

Frank Tchonang, 21, of Norbury, lost control of his quad bike and crashed into a tree while holidaying with a friend in July.

He flew off the bike but managed to put himself in the recovery position, despite bleeding heavily, while he waited for an ambulance.

Doctors performed two operations, on his skull and his spine, with the student only being released from the intensive care unit a just over a fortnight ago.

His mother, Annie Tchonang, quit her job as a nurse and flew out to be with her son as soon as she heard about the accident.

The family set up a fundraising page to help raise money to transport the student home, as neither his nor his family's insurance covered quad bike accidents.

The former checkout assistant at Sainsbury's in Crystal Palace finally arrived back in England on Sunday, he still has to use crutches and it could take more than a year to fully recover.

Miss Tchonang said it had been a difficult time for her family, but was happy to see her son back home again.

She said: "I had to stop my job so I could go and be with my son. We are still trying to raise money to go towards helping him.

"His friends from University and the church are setting up fundraising events for Frank. I am so happy that I have been able to get him home.

"It is going to be hard to go back to a normal life after this as it has taken a long time to get Frank home.

"I am trying to cope but it has been very tough. I am proud that we have got Frank back safely."

His sister, Sonia, 17, said her brother is coping well but is still not 100 per cent.

"We had a sponsor who helped us bring him back to England, now we need to raise more.

"He suffered really bad injuries and he still has movement problems which is why he is on crutches. We are glad he is back home again."

To make a donation or for details of fundraising events visit facebook.com/FrankTchonangFundraiser