A theatre goer had to be rescued from Fairfield Halls after falling asleep in a toilet.

Croydon fire fighters were called to the theatre at 2.50am this morning to help the 32 year old man, who was locked in a fourth floor toilet.

The man had been drinking and fell asleep in the loo - he woke up only to realise the whole building had been locked up for the night.

Fire crews rescued the man using a high level platform. Police also attended the scene.

Fire fighter Sam Redfern, from Croydon fire station, said: “He was drunk, he was absolutely drunk. He had just fallen asleep and then probably woke up thinking something is not right here.

“He was still drunk when we picked him up but apparently the show was brilliant according to him.”

A Met Police spokesman said: “The London Fire Brigade did all the heroic stuff. We were called and went along but we didn’t help get him out of there.

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