The Crystal Girls have already been a smash hit in one YouTube video, now they are at it again.

This time the popular cheerleaders recorded a routine to chart topping single Gangnam Style by PSY with club mascot Pete the Eagle also making a guest appearance.

The video has now reached almost 800,000 views and the girls also made a guest appearance on the Saturday morning football show, Soccer AM.

Earlier in the summer, the cheerleaders filmed a video to Call Me Maybe which got more than 1.5 million hits.

Sharon Lacey, the marketing manager at Crystal Palace, said they were always going to make a second video once the time was right.

She said: “We saw that Gangnam Style was getting a lot of popularity so we asked the girls if they wanted to do it and we planned it in.

“It was always touch and go as to how popular this one would be but we have been pleasantly surprised and it has been amazing to see the reaction we have got.”

Claire Eglinton, 23, vice-captain of the Crystals, said making the video was a lot of fun even though some filming had to be done in the pouring rain.

“It was a lot of fun. It was a different angle to the first one, we tried to make it more fun. The last video was so popular, it would be great if this one did just as well.

“The video has come at a really good time, especially with the team doing so well at the moment.

“This was personally my favourite one out of the two we have done. We love making these videos, it was pouring with rain when we filmed this one but it was still good fun.

“We always try and do something which is fresh and current at the time, so who knows what our next video could be about.”

Crystal Palace co-chairman Stephen Browett, said: “It’s brilliant that the video by our wonderful Crystal Girls has received over 700,000 hits on the internet in just a few days and got people all over the world talking about Crystal Palace FC.”

Fans can also enter the latest competition, which could win you the chance to perform with the Crystals in their next video.

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The Crystals in their previous video performing a cover of the song Call Me Maybe