A unique tattoo artist will be exhibiting his skills at a late night exhibition this week.

Kali Wlodarski is a tattooist, fine art painter, musician and founder of recently opened tattoo studio Never Say Die, on Georges Street in Croydon.

As well as having two degrees, an MA in Philosophy and BA in Fine Art, Mr Wlodarski has been tattooing for over 13 years.

After showcasing his work at exhibitions across UK, Europe and the US, the artists will now open his doors for a late night exhibition on the first Thursday of every month.

Since it first opened in early 2012, it will be the second time the owner is able to use his dedicated gallery space on the first floor.

Mr Wlodarski said: "The objective was to create a space where fine art meets tattoo culture. We aim to exhibit work that would challenge the viewer's preconceptions about art, by individuals directly or indirectly connected with ‘body art’, or whose work relate to the ‘body’ and its image."

The vast art collection includes works from many contemporary cutting edge artists bringing a refreshing unique space and invigorating ideas to Croydon."

This month the studio will be showcasing works from Lukas Zpira, Samppa Von Cyborg, Angela Edwards, Adam Espira, Franco B and Kali Wlodarski.

The evening will offer a glimpse of the vast artistic styles that influence body art from Adam Espira’s theatrical, fetish aesthetic with sleek brush stokes to Angela Edwards highly personal works that depict a raw and primal human animality.

For further information please visit www.nsdtattoo.co.uk or contact Charleigh Skinner at Charleigh@housepr.com