Labour Leader Ed Miliband discussed police numbers and fears South Norwood police station could close, when he visited the borough this morning.

Mr Miliband spoke with members of the Elm Park Estates Residents Association, as he joined Labour candidate Steve Reed on his campaign, ahead of the Croydon North by-election next week.

The MP listened to concerns about safety, police numbers and fly tipping, raised by residents Judith Burden, Orlene Allen, Patricia Hanrahan and Sheila Smith.

Discussing the impact of closing the borough's second biggest police station, Ms Burden, secretary of the resident association said: "I found a combat knife in the alleyway behind my house recently.

"I took it down to the police station and handed it in. If the station wasn't here, I wouldn't have travelled to Croydon to hand it in."

Mr Reed and Mr Miliband then met supporters outside South Norwood police station, where Mr Miliband criticised the Conservatives for breaking promises made after the riots.

He said: "You all remember the promises that were made to the people of Croydon after the riots.

"Promises made by Whitehall, City Hall and the town hall that haven't been delivered.

"After the worst riots for a hundred years they should be protecting the police.

"Instead the Tory mayor has taken 91 police officers off the streets and is planning to close South Norwood police station without any consultation.

"We need a member of Parliament who will stand up and say I am determined to fight for the people of Croydon, to get justice and to get the promises that were made to them to be kept and I know that is what Steve Reed is going to do."