Concerns have been raised over how emissions from the proposed Beddington incinerator would be monitored.

Data on emissions produced by the incinerator, if it is built, would be provided by Viridor, which would run the proposed facility.

At a briefing from the waste company, several Sutton councillors raised concerns over whether the proposed system allowed suitable independent monitoring.

Speaking after the briefing, Sutton South councillor Tony Shields said: “I have some concerns about the system, especially about how closely the Environment Agency (EA) will watch what is happening.”

Viridor said emissions produced by the incinerator would be at levels deemed safe by EA.

Robert Ryan, Viridor’s head of projects, said the Government agency would be able to monitor the setting up of the facility and emissions data when it was up and running.

He said in a worst case scenario, if there were problems with emissions levels, systems would be in place to allow an emergency shut-down.