A pair of physiotherapists will be in amongst the action after being allocated to work in the Athlete's Village at the Olympics and Paralympics.

Tim Allardyce, 32, and Matthew Lawrence, 29, both work in Croydon and Mitcham as physiotherapists.

Mr Allardyce will be based at the Medical Centre in the Athlete’s Village working as an osteopath.

It is the second time the 32-year-old has helped at a major sporting event, having previously worked at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 with Ghanas first ever entry, Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, in the men's slalom.

He will be treating athletes from smaller competing nations who cannot afford their own medical team.

Mr Allardyce, who will have a volunteer role, said: "It is an amazing opportunity and it will be an amazing experience. Just being involved is great for me.

"I didn’t mind what I was asked to do whether it was being a sports masseuse or a first aider. I just wanted to get involved one way or the other.

"It is one of those life experiences where if you can do it, you will remember it forever, so I’m really excited about it now."

His colleague, Mr Lawrence, will be working as a physiotherapist with the Men’s Goalball team at the Paralympic Games.

Mr Lawrence said: "I am really excited. At the moment there is so much planning going on I haven’t had much time to take it all in but when it gets nearer the time it will be very exciting.

"In our lifetime we will probably only get one chance to be involved in something like this. It will be fantastic."