Crowds flocked to Croydon Road in Beddington over an hour before the Olympic torch was due to arrive.

Hundreds of families came armed with blankets and deck chairs, with office workers and labourers stopping work to join the excitement.

Soon the sound of police sirens was heard coming from Croydon and a large parade of buses and cheerleaders signalled the Olympic torch’s arrival.

As John Warr, 47, from Sutton stormed over the border the crowds went into a frenzy and swarmed in to watch the action.

As Mr Warr’s torch ignited Dean Parson’s, AFC Wimbledon’s Womble mascot, spectators circled round to take pictures.

Sutton’s torch bearers were soon racing through the borough pursued by fans trying to keep up with the pace both on foot and on bikes.

One resident, Audrey Bushby, held a party in her front garden and all her guests enjoyed cakes and biscuits.

Lorraine Trayling, from Sutton, and her family waited on Croydon Road for all the action to start and afterwards went home to have a party.

She said: "We've come out to support Team GB. We've been looking forward to it."