A young alopecia sufferer has nominated her mum and grandma for Croydon Champion’s parent of the year award in recognition of their love and support.

Casady Neysmith-Morgan, from Norbury, has suffered from the condition since she was ten-years-old.

The 14-year-old nominated her mum Dionne and her grandma Delva, as a thank you for helping her to come to terms with the condition.

She said: "When I first lost my hair I cried my eyes out all the time, every day. My mum and grandma helped me through it and said someday it will be come back."

"My parents have been such a strong hand over the past years. I just want a chance to thank them for helping me and being such great parents."

Miss Neysmith-Morgan, who has to wear a wig to school, said her mum and grandma were really there for her when she was bullied at her first secondary school.

She said: "Somebody pulled off my wig in front of everybody. I was crying so much, they called me names and said I had cancer.

"That was when I needed mum and grandma the most. They gave me such strength when I was going through the toughest part of my life."

The schoolgirl said as soon as she saw the advert for Croydon Champions she did not think twice about nominating the pair.

Dionne and Delva said they are extremely proud of Casady for dealing with her condition the way she has. Her mum said: "We are shocked and surprised she would nominate us. We are very happy and very proud of her."

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