A five-year-old received a surprise letter from Buckingham Palace after her teacher secretly forwarded on an invite for the Queen to her school party.

Lucia Tizzano, who has just entered year one at St Aidan’s School, Coulsdon, wrote to Her Royal Majesty in June asking her to her classes’ Jubilee Party.

Unknown to her mother Denise, her letter was posted by reception class teacher Kelly Gray because she was so impressed with her pupil's work.

Last week the five-year-old received a personalised response from the Palace on behalf of the Queen.

Ms Tizzano, an English teacher, said: "The letter came to the school addressed to Lucia and was placed in her book bay. She was in the back of the car coming home and said I’ve got a letter from the Queen. I didn’t really believe it at first - I had no idea her invitation had actually gone to the Palace.

Not only had Lucia’s letter been posted by Mrs Gray, it had made its way to The Queen’s desk and Lady in Waiting Susan Hussey.

Responding, Lady Hussey wrote: The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for sending her an invitation to your special Jubilee party at school on June 1.

The Queen greatly appreciated your kind thought for her at that time and although Her Majesty was unable to join you and your friends in Reception she hopes that you will understand that, because of the enormous number of message received in the past few months it has not been possible to reply to you until now.

The Queen hopes you had a lovely time at your party and I am to thank you very much again for writing to Her Majesty in this, her Diamond Jubilee year."

Mrs Gray said: "She did it during a free time session and was the only one who did an invitation. It was so well written I barely had to correct it and I thought what can it hurt to send it? I never expected a response."