Danny Parsons will be leaving nothing to chance as he prepares to defend his Queensbury Boxing League southern area lightweight title next weekend.

The Kingston 19-year-old announced his arrival in the UK’s premier boxing league back in September by claiming the vacant title with a heroic display that has  featured several times on British Eurosport.

Parsons, who works at Iceland in New Malden, will face Croydon’s Tony Clemmey at the Effingham Park Hotel in West Sussex on November 24 and is confident he will be ready for whatever he can throw at him.

“Winning the title was an amazing experience for me and the response from friends and family has been amazing,” he said.

“But I’m back in the gym now and training for this next fight like a challenger so I’ll be bringing the title back to Kingston again.

“I’ve seen Clemmey box on two occasions in the league and the first time he was very aggressive and came to fight, and on the undercard of my title win he boxed a bit more.

“So I’m preparing for all different scenarios and what ever he brings to this fight won’t matter to me as I’m going to be ready for it.

“I think the outcome of this fight will all depend on how Tony comes out for it.

“He’s shown he has power and he’s also shown that he can box as well, but like last time I’m 100 per cent confident I will have all the answers on the night and will still be the champion after that final bell has sounded.”

The event titled Edge Of Greatness will be the league’s final night of boxing action in 2012, and the 14-fight card will once again be screened on British Eurosport at a later date.

For more information and tickets, visit queensbury boxing.co.uk.