Paralympic hero David Weir has admitted he may race in the Rio Olympics in 2016, despite ruling it out before last summer’s games.

The 33-year-old Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harrier won four gold medals in  London last year in the T54 800m, 1500m, 5000m and marathon to take his Paralympic gold medal haul to six.

The Sutton-born athlete, who trains at St Mary’s University College in Twickenham and Kingsmeadow Fitness and Athletics Centre in Kingston, was sure the 2012 Paralympics would  be his final Games in the build up to them.

But Weir, a regular in Richmond Park too, is  less certain about what his future holds with the Commonwealth Games on the horizon and the possibility of competing in what would be his fourth Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro – not to mention the 2017 World Paralympic Championships in London.

“I would have said no six months ago before the London Games,” Weir said.

“But each month getting closer to Rio I’m changing my mind slightly. I’ve got a two-year plan at the moment. I want to get to the Commonwealths and then we’ll see if I’ve still got the desire after that.

“It was definitely no this time last year, but I seem to be changing my mind every month so you never know.

“I think what changed my mind was previously, in the past few years, I’ve only been winning races by millimetres and at the Games I was winning races by up to a couple of seconds. That is a lot in our sport.

“That put a smile on my face and said there’s still life in the old dog and I can still do it at a high level.

“That has made me think about prolonging my career further.”
But Weir fears events in Brazil could yet prove an anti-climax.

“London was special and nothing is going to beat it and that is the problem,” Weir added.