Dillian “the Villian” Whyte is more than ready to face his English heavyweight title rival “Big Bad” John McDermott.

The 24-year-old from Brixton warmed up for his big December 8 meeting with a four-round stoppage workout over bloated Hungarian Sandor Balogh last Saturday at Glow, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhithe.

In the fourth round, the slow-paced and very unfit looking Balogh, who was an easy target for Whyte throughout the bout, picked himself up from a left hook knockdown but referee Grant Wallis came to his rescue and wisely halted the bout.

Whyte, who advances to nine straight professional victories,  said: “It was a good performance. I didn’t rush, I boxed, used my footwork and took my time.

“I wanted to knock him out but the ref said he was taking a lot of punches and he wasn’t coming on any more.”

On the December 8 clash, which will be held in Liverpool, McDermott confidently reckons he will beat the Brixton man in one round but Whyte says: “Since this fight was made, McDermott has said he’ll stop me in one round but we’ll see. ”