May 4: Midweek Men’s Friendly. Ashford 74 Byfleet 49: Both sides were pretty evenly matched for most of the game, Ashford had a three shot lead after six ends, but Byfleet fought their way back and got themselves five shots ahead after twelve ends. After that Ashford increased the pressure and Byfleet folded, only winning three ends of the last six played on each of the four rinks. Top scorers for Ashford were Tom Stroude, Dennis Cliff and Wally Cox with a 22-4 win.

May 5: Midweek Ladies’ Match: Ashford 40 Sunbury 42: The Sunbury Ladies gained the upper hand from early on and were always narrowly ahead of Ashford. Ashford tried hard to snatch a victory but despite winning two of the three triples played, they were beaten too heavily on the third triple.

May 7: Richmond Barnes & District BA League: Ashford 0 pts Isleworth 4: Ashford had a poor game which was the last thing they needed for their opening League match. Isleworth played well as expected and were easily in control of the match throughout.

May 8: Mixed friendly: Ashford 120 Bracknell 83: Ashford played completely differently in this match. The players were confident and were not going to be intimidated by their opponents. The confidence and belief in themselves allowed Ashford to ease ahead with the shots. Bracknell did put up some resistance but that encouraged Ashford to play even better and finish up winning all five triples played. Top scorers for Ashford were Dennis Ayton, Kevin Woodhead and Liz Dutton with a 31-4 win.