Local residents in New Addington will be shocked to learn that the Labour Party has chosen three candidates who live miles away from the area they hope to represent.

Despite a vicious and lengthy campaign against current Conservative Councillor Tony Pearson, the fact remains that he is a respected man who lives in the area and understands the needs to local people.

This is the latest example Labour’s dubious selection process under the leadership of Tony Newman, which included deselecting domestic violence campaigner Karen Jewitt, who had served the residents of Woodside for many years.

Karen was a shining example of a genuine conviction politician, who stood up for women who had suffered horrific domestic abuse across the borough.

Thankfully Karen has been given a second chance in another seat, but the damage is already done.

The same goes for Waddon, where Tony Newman lauded Andrew Pelling as the candidate that could ‘Put the fear of God’ into people.

It is no surprise at all that Labour party members in Croydon and other boroughs are shocked at the decision to gamble Labour’s 2014 election prospects on a candidate with a true blue Tory past and more baggage than Heathrow and Gatwick combined.

But these selections expose a deeper problem at the heart of the local Labour party. They are obsessed launching vile personal attacks on Conservative candidates via their Inside Croydon blog when they should be creating serious Labour policies to help the people of Croydon.

This fixation has left ordinary party members feeling neglected and the majority of Croydon residents disgusted. Croydon can do better than this.

Barry Walton; King Henry’s Drive, New Addington