I would like to submit a rebuttal on the subject of the trams in Croydon. I moved to the area a couple of months ago and I have used the tram system nearly every day, including part of my journey to London for work.

I have nothing but appreciation for the Croydon trams – they are all clean, tidy, immaculate even.

I cannot speak on behalf of every tram stop as I have not seen every one, but the ones I have seen, which is most, are easy, accessible and convenient.

I cannot understand the tram bashing from certain readers, they are so easy to use and are in no way “an embarrassment to the area”.

As for the tram system in the town centre, in relation to driving around in a car, it is simple, read the signs and if you cannot/do not understand them, retake your theory test and learn what different road signs mean.

You should not be driving if you do not understand – it is dangerous.

The final point I would like to make involves a readers comment that they would hate to live near a tram line as they are so noisy. My house’s back fence is directly next to the tram line and it is so quite, you hardly notice them pass even when you are sitting in the garden. You see one passing before you even hear a thing.

You want to replace trams with trains? Do you have any idea how loud trains are?

I have also been living in and around London all my life, growing up on trains.

These Croydon trams are cleaner, more efficient, easier to use and just all round a lot more pleasant than any train system I have ever used.


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