By Community Correspondent Sofia Popov

The financial troubles have undoubtedly affected local Croydon residents in the last year. By the start of August 2009, UK unemployment hit 2.44 million, which was a 14 year record. Many more citizens were queuing to visit their local JobCentre to receive any possible financial benefits and assistance in finding a job.

Luckily, some new businesses are emerging amongst the economical havoc. People are taking an initiative in order to re-establish stability in their lives. One such local business is ‘DesignNote Consultants,’ a company specialising in drawings for planning approval and building regulations approval, structural calculations and construction supervision. Established in late 2009 and based in Croydon, the company details increasing success: “We are very pleased with how things are going, especially considering the country’s recent financial difficulties. To have something to fall back on, and it turning out so well, is fantastic!”

Hopefully, as the UK’s economy was recently reported to be increasing by 0.3% and is officially out of recession, we can expect to have a decrease in unemployment and many more businesses blossoming.

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