By Community Correspondent Samia Ahmed

The planned Cherry Orchard Towers, is a high-rise building that will cost £500m to construct. It is part of the Croydon Vision 2020 regeneration plan for Central and East Croydon. The mixed-use buildings will be 1.5m sq ft of new state-of-art accommodation, used for residential accommodation and mixed commercial use, including offices and retail.

This month David Cameron has recently announced there will be “once in a generation” cuts. So with ministers talking of an unpredictable debt crisis and the country merely recovering from financial meltdown, is it wise to start building more energy guzzling buildings in the city?

With East Croydon Station being one of the busiest stations in London, the planned high-rise building is likely to increase population and subsequently traffic. Additionally, there has been a growing public concern that tall buildings are blighting the London skyline. Others argue that London needs skyscrapers for it to flourish as a city, and mainly for our economy to grow.

The company ‘Menta’ purchased the land in 2008 and the designed 52 storey building will be submitting planning in the summer. It will provide 1,300 new homes and a 350,000 sq ft office scheme as well as shops and cafes. Should we really be so anti-skyscrapers, when these buildings are making sure there is enough opportunity for all who live and work in our city?