A new "buttercream obsessed" cake shop will soon be open for business in South Norwood.

For two months now, Matthew-Simon Grossett and his flavourful cakes have been a staple of the Clocktower Market. So when the opportunity came to move into a more permanent home, how could he say no?

"I have always wanted to own a coffee shop with fresh baked goods, but over the years as I continued baking, I realised (through tasting as well as customer feedback) my baking was pretty good, so the idea slowly became more of a cake focussed shop with coffee on the side," Mr Grossett said.

"I want to take my product to the next level now, and a physical presence beyond the market stall is needed for that."

With an aim to give customers an "indulgent experience," Mr Grossett hopes 'Walnuts and Honey' will stand out from the crowd.

"The shop will mainly specialise in exotic and exiting cupcake flavour combinations, but also producing loaf cakes, wedding cakes, corporate event bakes and more," he said.

No one trick pony, there are also going to be a line of cakes specially made for both vegan and gluten free customers.

Mr Grossett is looking to open Walnuts and Honey at the start of the new year.