At just two years of age, Croydon girl Kanza has spent her whole life battling cancer.

She has been poked, prodded, and forced to undergo numerous chemotherapy sessions and surgeries; she has been through more than most will go through in a lifetime.

It all began when Kanza was just five days old. Doctor's discovered she had a brain tumour.

Since then her parents have gone through a "rollercoaster" of emotions.

"Kanza was my first and only child," Kanza's mum Mabz said.

"It was very emotional but she was so strong and made positive progress, so that helped each day go by.”

Now things are looking for up for the family.

Kanza has finished her chemotherapy and despite needing to have an MRI scan every three months and needing cognitive therapy, her mum is excited to see what's next for her daughter.

“She might have some problems with cognitive skill but it is still too early to tell," Mabz said.

"At the moment, she understands everything but she can't say the words, so she just gets frustrated and screams.

"We stay positive though – she’s still little so it may come back."

Mabz has another dream for her little girl now, to go on a family trip that doesn't involve the hospital.

"Now that she is more aware, she starts screaming and crying whenever she sees a doctor, so I just want to give her a break," Mabz said.

"A short trip would have such a positive effect because it’s something different for her to see, rather than the same four walls and hospitals.

"It’s a fun time out that would be good for the whole family.”

That is where children’s charity Dreams Come True comes into play.

The charity is helping raise money for the Croydon family so that their trip to the Butlins can become a reality.

Richard Ashton, chief executive Dreams Come True said: “Kanza has been through so much and her family’s resilience is an inspiration.

"We’d very much like to give Kanza and her family a break from the day-to-day, giving them the space and freedom to create precious memories that most of us take for granted."

To donate to Dreams Come True’s Christmas appeal and to give Kanza a memory she will never forget, visit or text DREAM1 to 70660.