A Caterham shop owner was left at a loss for words after an "inconsiderate" person's parking job left him unable to get on with his job.

Glen O'Dwyer posted some pictures (above) yesterday showing a car coming within centimetres of parking inside his Computer Solutions shop in Caterham High Street.

Although there was a small gap, the parking job left Mr O'Dwyer's store blocked to passers by.

He took to facebook to vent his frustrations and ask what could be done.

"Does anyone know which idiot thinks it is OK to block the door to my shop," Mr O'Dwyer said.

"I need it moved. I have work to do."

People were quick to rally with suggestions.

Some said the police should get involved, others suggested giving the driver a taste of his own medicine and blocking him in.

So just 30 minutes after posting the photos on facebook, the car was towed away.

"Caught on CCTV," Mr O'Dwyer said.

"I have absolutely no idea what he was thinking.

"Sadly it isn't the first time.

"I have had the entry alarm set off by a car that parked partly inside the door."