An MP and a youth organisation are campaigning for more CCTV to be installed in Croydon after a 17-year-old was stabbed to death in North End.

The area in North End where Aren Mali, 17, was killed on October 29 is not fully monitored by CCTV.

This week Labour's Sarah Jones went on a police response unit to tour Croydon's CCTV hub.

She also raised the ominous topic of Croydon knife crime during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, November 29.

“I firmly believe that to properly tackle the knife crime crisis we need a long-term, coordinated strategy bringing together different parts of local and national government, with other agencies and community groups," the MP said.

“However, I understand that people want to see action now, and I know the community have commented in several cases about the need for more CCTV. This is something that could be brought in quickly, and while it won’t solve the crisis, it might make a noticeable difference in the short term. It will also allow police to do their jobs more effectively.

“I want to see more cameras installed in hotspots like North End, and I want businesses to work with police to ensure that CCTV on their premises can help solve and more importantly, deter crime."

Croydon youth organisation, Music Relief, set up an anti-knife crime campaign called 'More Than Able' this month.

Music Relief uses arts as a vehicle to empower young people and its founder, Magdalene Adenaike, also wants to see more CCTV in Croydon.

She told Croydon Guardian: "How many young people have to lose their lives until we have more CCTV around? What are they waiting for?

"Police are at a disadvantage when there is not enough CCTV. They have to rely on eye witness accounts. With CCTV they can see it for themselves with a clear picture and they can catch the perpetrator quickly."