Do you wonder what goes on when the lights are switched off and everyone goes home?

What happens when the day ends at Centrale Shopping Centre?

For the first time ever, CCTV footage has captured Santa’s acrobatic parkour elves during the early morning hours at Centrale Shopping Centre.

The elves were caught skillfully making their way around the shops throughout the night, ticking off gifts from children's Christmas lists ahead of the big day on 25th December.

Santa's four little helpers travelled all the way from North Pole and performed flips and tricks throughout the shopping centre before hopping on to Santa’s sleigh, after grabbing presents along the way.

General manager of Centrale, David Ordman, said: “We are counting down the days to Christmas, and it’s clear the festive spirit is infectious.

“Our interactive Christmas lights have attracted our most magical visitors to date; Santa and his Parkour Elves.

“We are honoured here at Centrale that Santa has chosen us as Croydon’s premier gifting destination this festive season.”