Although there have been many stories of sadness and heartache in 2017, as the year draws to a close we at the Croydon Guardian wanted to share our 10 most heart-warming stories as a little reminder there is still good in the world.

The list, though not exhaustive, is a little taste of the goodness and kindness people in the borough have shown throughout the year.

Croydon teacher tells 1,000 pupils he's gay - the reaction was marvellous

This is a story about how a Croydon school teacher's decision to reveal he was gay during a school assembly was praised right around the world.

While training to be at teacher, Daniel Gray was told not to tell his pupils he was gay because “you don’t want to give them any more ammunition.”

But the 32-year-old made the nerve-wracking decision to tell the students Harris Academy, in South Norwood, and was met with a wave of high-fives.

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Claudia Merlini, has produced her graduate film 'Displaced' after beating a rare epileptic disorder

This story is about a former Coulsdon schoolgirl who didn't let her rare form of epilepsy get in the way of her dreams.

Claudia Merlini got the chance to produced her graduate short film ‘Displaced’ with well-known actor Clive Russell part of the caset.

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Woman gets life-changing surgery after 30 years of constant pain

This one just speaks for itself doesn't it?

For most of her life, Anna Lavinas couldm't go out with friends, enjoy a drink or even eat a meal with them because of a condition known as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

She would even encourage her partner of ten years to go out without her since she didn’t want him to be missing out.

That was all put to an end though and now she can get on as life like she always wanted to.

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Croydon's AC London look to break down barriers en route to FA Cup glory

Six years ago, the London Riots had a devastating effect on Croydon.

But from that, a football team was created in an effort to give kids a new purpose.

This year that very same football team was asked to compete in the FA Cup for the very first time.

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Ready, teddy, go: Purley man helps fight mitochondrial disease by sailing the Clipper Round The World race in aid of the Lily Foundation

Jon Milne and teddy 'Sailor Swift' were making waves this year when he decided to take on the world's most gruelling boat race, all for a good cause.

Jon decided he wanted to help raise money for the Lily Foundation, and what better way to do it?

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Five years after her son's death, a New Addington mother is urging people to throw their support behind St Christopher's hospice

Julie Muir lost her 22-year-old son Craig in 2012, she was distraught.

She and her husband Craig then turned to St Christopher’s Hospice for help.

Five years later, Julie decided to help give back to the organisation that gave her so much.

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'Magical' knitted angels being found across New Addington

What is Christmas without a little magic?

Well for New Addington, this touch of joy came in the form of tiny angels being left all around town for everyone to enjoy.

Who was behind this lovely gesture? Well that's all part of the fun isn't it.

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Croydon policeman praised after coming to the aid of a school student

Starting school can be hard for anyone, and tying a tie can be even tougher.

Well those two things came to a head in August when one student was seen struggling with his tie on the way to class.

Luckily for him, a policeman known only as PC Mitch came to the rescue.

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Granny going the extra mile for St Christopher's Hospice as she embarks on five-day journey with her 'Harley Davidson'

Shelagh Mcdonough proved in September that you are never too old to have a bit of fun.

This breast cancer survivor embarked on a on five-day journey across London with her 'Harley Davidson'.

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Croydon vets to the rescue after dog gets serving of gravel

What is cuter than a good animal story? Probably not much.

For Bella, a one-year-old French bulldog, October was an interesting month as she was near death after eating gravel from her owner’s garden.

Everything worked out for the best though in this happy ending of a story.

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